South Brisbane Station

Melbourne Street Railway Station South Brisbane

Melbourne Street Railway Station South Brisbane

The “grand old lady” South Brisbane Rail Station is having a facelift. It was closed for six weeks during November-December 2011 and you can read an update here.

Almost dwarfed by the extensions to the Brisbane Convention Centre the red brick rail terminus carries the history and stroies of a bygone era.  In its heyday it was known as the Melbourne Street Railway Station Why of all places did Brisbane choose to use the name of another major capital city so close to one of its main transport hubs? Melbourne and Sydney do not even have a Brisbane Street, yet  you can find Sydney Street as one of the wharfs for Brisbane City Cats!!!

So, back to the station renovations. What do you think they should “restore” of the old  girl? Perhaps the grand dining area and luggage halls? Should we bring back porters and the G&S style uniforms? Should a “Macca’s” be invited to set up shop for a contemporary look?

Stories about South Brisbane Railway Station

South Brisbane station shut down for 40 minutes by alleged bomb hoax

The 1957 South Brisbane Railway Smash


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