Streetwise – a U2charist with Peter B & friends

St Andrew's outh Brisbane

a U2charist with Peter B & friends

St Andrews Anglican Church South Brisbane

Sat 21 Jan 2012 … 7pm

Streetwise is a musical, narrative and spiritual stirring out of the posture of terra nullius, which occupies our silences about who we are, how we got here, where we live, and what we do here in Brisbane. As Australia Day approaches, Peter B & friends bring the music of U2 into contact with the lives and movements of all who gather at St Andrews Anglican Church on Saturday evening on the 21st January, 2012.

A local post-modern take on the age-old eucharist, The Streetwise way to St Andrews in January reveals one of the creation narratives of Brisbane city. From Brisbane City Hall, cross the Victoria Bridge. Pass the Art Gallery, up Melbourne St, and be sure to use Merivale St and Vulture St.

Come on a journey with us and you may travel these streets the same way again. This one is for U2 fans, lovers of local history, and those who still haven’t found what they’re looking for.

Here’s a few fast Streetwise facts…

Daphne Mayo’s sculpture over the Brisbane City Hall portrays “The State protecting the citizens’, ‘native life… dying out before the approach of the white man’, and ‘the early explorers discovering the possibilities of the new land in its industries’.

Queen Victoria sent a message in the sloop, ‘Cordelia’, declaring the formation of ‘Queensland’ in 1859.

The Queensland Art Gallery is built on the land which Queen Victoria originally gave to the Anglican congregation of South Brisbane before they moved away from the flood-prone river bank area to the higher land between Cordelia and Vulture St.

The 2nd Viscount of Melbourne, William Lamb, was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom just before the transformation of the penal settlement of Brisbane into a colonial settlement.

Herman Merivale was influential in British politics at this time of transition, delivering lectures at Oxford University on subjects such as “Examination of some subjects connected with the disposal of land in new colonies” and “Policy of colonial governments towards native tribes, as regards their protection and their civilization”

The HMS Vulture was a warship which visited Moreton Bay, along with the HMS Leopard. Vulture St was formerly known as the Southern Boundary Road

This event is free and all is welcome

Hope you can join us

Peter B & Greg Manning


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