Trace Supporting Community Plus+

TRACE 2015

Nick Goding, owner of Box Vintage sitting with Madeleine Kelly’s ‘Broken Memories’.

TRACE is a biennial exhibition and art auction in unexpected West End venues. You can visit a fruit shop, a barber, a record store, a bakery, book stores and lots of other unlikely venues along Boundary and Vulture Streets in West End then bid for the work online, with proceeds supporting the indispensable Community Plus+ and their work with marginalised and vulnerable community members.

Established as West End Community House over 30 years ago, Community Plus+ is a vital contributor to West End’s well-being and resilience. Community Plus+ also provides active centres for strong communities in Annerley and Yeronga.

The artists in TRACE are among Australia’s most important and many have strong connections to West End. The exhibition concludes next Tuesday 9 June with online bidding finishing at 9.00pm on Friday 12 June. Come on down to West End or look online at TRACE

Talking West End History

IMAG1269A bit of parochial history – The history of public toilets, community notice boards and welfare agencies in West End (Brisbane)

The Public toilet in Boundary St. West End, Brisbane now boasts a tenancy advice service, community internet access and a health service.

Here is the nearly absolutely accurate modern history of the public toilets in Boundary Street, the community notice boards in Boundary Street and the West End Community house

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